Welcome to my player’s blog on all things snooker

Hello to my fellow fans of the baize.

Over the coming weeks and months, i hope to bring you some of the news and views on the World Snooker tour from the player’s perspective. I’ll also be able to give you an idea of some pro’s and con’s of life on the snooker tour…..yes – the long flights, the the extensive garnering of knowledge of which airlines have free changeable flights, the various venues, the hotels, and meeting other jet lagged fellow players in the breakfast lobby in the wee small hours, praying that breakfast starts at 5:30am and not 6. The local food, restaurants and any other gen that’s at all worthy a mention.

Some of the more serious topics I’ll be covering will range from my opinion on grass roots snooker, the state of the amateur game, Tour qualifying criteria, the tougher end at the lower reaches of the pro rankings and the cost involved, right through to issues regarding players at the higher end of the snooker spectrum.

We’re fortunate in this age of the Internet to have a numerous and varied gaggle of fine snooker bloggers who collectively do a grand job in covering up to the minute results, current ranking updates, projected rankings etc etc. I’ve said in the past how much their diligence and dedication is much appreciated by the players and fans alike, and long may that continue. If I can add something a wee bit different for you then it’ll have been worth it.

One thing there’s rarely a dearth of in the player’s room (as Jason Ferguson, our chairman would testify) is healthy debate on some, although more likely all of the logistical decisions which of course have an impact on all professional players. As most of you are well aware, it’s 5 years now since Barry Hearn won control of our sport. With the change at board level back then being very much along the lines of ‘Out with the old, and in with the new’, then life at the snooker coal face swiftly followed suit. I for one – have considered for some time that the vast majority of change has been of a positive nature. Again, let’s hope that trend continues. I’m sure it will.

As this little blog will be very much an ‘as we go’ kind of thing, I’m keen on hearing any suggestions that you guys might have as to any playing issues you feel are worth covering, and I’ll do my level best to get on it.

I’ve a few things in mind at the moment, one being what will happen regarding the APTC Tour uncertainty as regards the postponement / cancellation of APTC 1. With PTC Finals berths, and full Tour spots potentially up for grabs. However, I’m sure in the fullness of time all will be made clear.

As I don’t want to write only about the serious stuff, there’s a few ideas I have for a regular feature. One will be a players, officials and referee’s Q&A which will be the same set of questions to each of the guys or gals. It will be mostly non-snooker related, lighthearted questions which I hope you’ll enjoy. If any of you players etc fancy getting involved then give me a shout at the venues if you’ve got a half hour to spare. Or if there’s anyone in particular you’d like to do hear doing my Q&A, let me know – and I’ll do my best to be a pest.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you guys soon.

Alan McManus


28 thoughts on “Welcome to my player’s blog on all things snooker

  1. Alan says:

    what is your opinion on the current standard in Scotland, any player who we should keep an eye out for? Looking forward to your blog Angles!!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey Mr. McManus. I’ve been watching your exploits on the snooker tables for a looong time ;). I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you enjoy writing it.


  3. What a nice surprise! Looking forward to read more and more of your blog posts!
    It’s always such a treat to see you on the green baize and hear you from the commentary box, so to read your insight on what’s going on in the world of snooker, is even more precious.

    Blog on! 🙂


  4. If I could ask a question it would be about the progression of certain overseas players, in particular the Chinese contingent. Why do you think over the last decade we haven’t seen the influx of top 16 Asian stars that was predicted by many pros and pundits. I remember reading something Dominic Dale had said in regards to Chinese players ‘hitting the ball too hard’. Do they have technical deficiencies in their game. Or is snooker really that big in China? I understand cost of tickets may be a problem, but you often see a lot of empty seats at Chinese events. Thanks for your time Alan!


  5. Great idea with a blog, needfull and interesting things talking about. Just one wish – put some photos in every blog entry. We know you have a lot of great pictures in twitter, like your training arena in Masters club in Glasgow, walkabout in Edinburgh or Riga )) Good luck!


  6. Phil henderson says:

    Alan I remember you playing my mate Pete Donegan to turn pro, I couldn’t believe he lost! I practised with him the week before and lost count of the centuries he made against me.


  7. Kenn Fong says:

    Thanks for starting this blog.

    I’m wondering how quickly you and the other players adjust to the dynamics of individual tables, especially the TV table which has the big hot lights. I have always wondered why more players who haven’t had a sniff in the opening frame don’t just take a few shots, even if they need a pile of snookers. Just to get the feel of it.


  8. Ellie says:

    Finally something worth following! I hope you’d update it regularly because I am sure it will be a great read, indeed. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to see the tour through the eyes of one of its best players (and my all-time favorites) and I know fans will really appreciate it. Can’t wait to see all of you in Bulgaria in November!


  9. Mark Davies says:

    Great work Alan a great read. Off the subject slightly, just want to say I’m a huge fan of yours – good luck for rest of season starting in Shanghai!


  10. Susan Baker says:

    Hi Alan it was great to see you at the Welsh on Wednesday night,wanted to wish you success and happiness for 2016 and for many more years to come:-) all the best Sue xxx


  11. Melissa Diver says:

    Hey Alan,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that ALL THINGS SNOOKER BLOG has been featured in the Best Snooker Blog Awards: http://www.affordablebilliards.com.au/awards/best-snooker-blog-awards/

    Congratulations and keep up the awesome work with ALL THINGS SNOOKER BLOG!

    Melissa Diver

    PS: Here’s a badge to show your readers that you’ve won. Many of the winners have already added the badge to their footer or sidebar.


  12. Dave Driver says:

    Hi Alan from NZ
    Being an engineer as well as a snooker fan ( played Steve Davis once many years ago ) but at darts
    How are the balls made and more to the point how are that made exact same size and perfectly round
    Also what is used to measure the table and pockets on a match table what sort of tolerances are used
    Cheers Dave


  13. haris tanveer says:

    Hi Haris from Pakistan.
    Being an digital marketer as well as a big fan of ronnie o sullivan, a legend
    He is always favourite because of his confidence level to recover and a melodrama,
    he is also known as ‘THE ROCKET’ in snooker world.


  14. Anna says:

    Good evening , my name is Anna, hope you ok. I am really sorry to aproch you like that, I have tried facebook but somone told me you are better with twitter so here I am new to it and only to write you a msg really. I know about you..about snooker fron not loong ago, never know what this sport mean until I get involved with somone who ..yes adores you thats is a good word to discribe it. His name is Mark and he followes your games from very very loong time, true fun of yours. I was wondering if therey is any chance …any you could let him know you that you are aware of it. I found online a poster with your sign on and did buy it for him…when you were in shanghay he was watchin live scores with it by his side.. I know thats wired me writting to you, me complitly stranger with probably crap english but I want him to be happy and I know that You …and your performance does. Hope to get this msg and not gonna think what a hek hahahah. All the best

    Anna Buczkowska

    ps. I listen to your interviues and I do like your accent a lot


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