Why Reanne & On Yee I hear you cry? Here’s why!…

For a start, would denying a young lady, a figurehead and flag bearer of our sport, who incidentally, has given fifteen or twenty years service to snooker, a proper opportunity to develop her skill set over two years competing on an equal footing within the main World Snooker Tour really be all that bad? Some might see it as a free pass, but the truth is that not much, if anything, on the main tour comes for free. Put simply, you enter, you play, and if you don’t win, then financially you earn zilch.

With this era of COVID having decimated sporting stage aplenty, the ladies snooker tour has suffered so badly that they simply don’t have any tournaments to play in. Even under normal circumstance, quality ladies events are pretty thin on the ground. Although the dedication shown by the officials who run them is to be admired, prize money is minimal, conditions aren’t great, and they still have to travel far and wide for scant reward.

For years now, WST have been topping up main tour draws with players who have failed to qualify from Q School, which is fine. Up to this point it has worked, mainly because it’s the only sensible way to fill the 128 player draws. What better way to ‘fill draws’ than to award opportunity, (and remember, opportunity is all this is) to the two best lady players we have. I could understand the dissenting voices out there if these players couldn’t make 40 and were effectively offering a bye to whoever draws them, but that’s not the case here. Besides, there are cases of players gaining a main tour spot, only to subsequently not enter any tournaments (which they are entitled to) for whatever reason. Are we happy with that?, and just fob it off with ‘well, they’ve earned the right to not enter!’ I mean come on! Surely we can do better than that!

What better way is there to find out how far Reanne & On Yee can go in snooker, than to fast track them to the toughest stage of all? Reanne especially, has in a way, outgrown the ladies tour in respect of the standard she has reached, to the extent that largely, the only news their tournaments generate to a wider audience, is the shock and surprise when on the odd occasion she loses a match.

I fully understand that frustration, envy or jealousy some people feel when they see opportunity awarded to others is simply part of the modern cyber world, but please try putting those feelings to one side for the greater good of our sport.

Do we really want our message to be ‘Thanks for dedicating a large part of your life to our sport, but sorry, we can’t find some small way to encourage or reward your service with a helping hand along the way’? Is that where we are, or where we want to be? As we all know, there are plenty other problems going on in the wider world these days that need dealing with.

Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with Reanne and On Yee, encourage and support them. Follow, enjoy, and watch their progress over the next couple of years. Sure, it’s highly unlikely they will win, or even go deep in tournaments, but they will without doubt add interest and hopefully a few newspaper inches by virtue of match victories along the way.

I can guarantee you this… They will both improve as players for the experience. So embrace the journey with them, not just because they are ladies, but because they are damn good snooker players!

Yours in snooker…


8 thoughts on “Why Reanne & On Yee I hear you cry? Here’s why!…

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  2. Ray Morgan says:

    Well said Alan. I’m shoulder to shoulder with both ladies, they’ve been discriminated against for too long in workingmens’ clubs and miners’ institutes.
    Nice to read your insightful comments.


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  5. Alastair Fleming says:

    Your a total hypocrite Alan,you kept telling people back in the 90s they weren’t good enough now your ok with even lesser players than you said weren’t good enough getting tour cards,this TV stuff has gone to your head mate,they should have to go to the Q school like every player should,problem is they couldn’t get through it,it’s Barry hearn doing what he wants,the sport is a farce,the pockets are massive on the TV,there getting as bad as 9 ball tables when you drop them along the cushion slow,players are taking shots on along the cushion with 8 reds left that how easy they are along the cushions,you,Gould’s,Doherty,Hendry have turned into yes men for your wages on ITV,clowns the lot of you are.


  6. Alastair Fleming says:

    Hundreds and hundreds of snooker players who have played professional snooker and put 25 years into the game for little reward as it was alot harder when there was 800 or more players,people travelled To Blackpool,Plymouth,Woking,Sheffield,Telford to play and had play day after day with no prize money till round 8 or 9 pay for hotels,bed and breakfasts,you have a short memory,that is no reason to give anyone a 2 year tour card cause they have served 15 or 20 years in a sport cause you would have a 1000 players,it doesn’t matter whether there women or men no one deserves to go straight in without proving thereself,there are to many players in the 128 tour these days who are the African champion and French champion who wouldn’t be in the top 20,000 snooker players right now yet there in the top 128,it’s a complete farce,and if they draw trim,O’Sullivan,Higgins,Robertson they can even get on TV to make a fool if thereself,if you want to be a a main tour player go to the Q school and stop making the sport into a laughing stock,I would beat at least 30 players in the 128 and I don’t even own a cue.


  7. benny12347 says:

    I have a question for you Alan,a young lad sitting at home about 14 or 15 even 18 say and he’s a very good player and his family can’t afford to put him in the Q school,and his talent never gets to be tested or seen wether he would have been good enough to get in the top 128,yet you think it’s alright to put people in the top 128 that we know there not good enough rote now and mite never be,these guys who said well said Alan and stop discriminating against women,buy giving tour wildcards to anyone your discriminating against all good snooker players who are capable of being in the top 128,why don’t former players deserve a wildcard who have been up there before who have put 15 or 20 years in at there sport and sacrificed there life and there parent for the game they love,I reiterate no one should get a tour card unless they go and earn it and prove there good enough,make the African,french,German,oceianas champions go to the Q school,it’s all wrong


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