Total Clearance…..with Scott Donaldson

22 questions – 15 on life, 6 on snooker, and one for the cue ball! 

Any unusual interests or hobbies away from snooker? I wouldn’t say I have any ‘unusual’ interests, more of the normal stuff that most people do. I try to swim as much as I can, it helps me to relax after picking my head on the table each day. Haha

You’re the Invisible Man for a day. Where would you go / what would you do? I would probably go back 30/40 years and have a look to see what my parents were up to when they were my age, and see how it compares with me (I.e. If there’s anything I do similar, genes kind of thing)

You can be a pro for a season at any other sport. Which one, and why? That’s a great question. Perhaps tennis, simply because from the way I see it is that it’s the hardest season physically for any sports professional. I’d like to see if that is actually the case.

Which personal possession would you hate to lose? My iPad. I’ve had it about four years, and I never seem to be off it when I’m at home…quite sad actually. Well, I’m not always on it!!

What are your three biggest pet hates? Hmm. People trying to tell me what’s correct when they have no experience of what it is they’re telling me about. Bad manners…there’s no need for it, we’re not on the planet forever. Looking at your watch on a long haul flight and seeing you have another 9 hours to go, even though it feels like you’ve been on the aircraft for your whole life. Haha

You can travel back or forward in time for a day – when and why? That has to be to travel forward maybe 100 years or more & see how far we’ve got as a species, or if we’re already at a point of no more. I guess that Apple will have brought out IOS 976 by then though. Lol

Stadium concert or intimate gig? – and who would it be?
Stadium concert. Coldplay. Seen it on TV and it looks awesome.

You’re allowed three songs on a long haul flight – which ones?
I’ve got no idea, but why only three? More time to pass than three songs. Haha. I’d go with just what’s on the plane or iPod and shuffle it.

What would be your perfect 24 hours with unlimited travel, and with whom?
I’d go up to the highlands, I know that you’ve been a few times & seen some nice places. I’d be with my parents.

Where would be your ideal holiday destination?
Scotland. Also known as ‘peace & quiet’. Haha

You can have dinner with any four people in history – who and why?
My family, who else? Haha. I’m not too wired up to all the history stuff, so I’m not sure to be honest. 

Your three favourite tv programmes?
Only Fools & Horses, Doctor Who & Celebrity Juice.   

What car do you drive? – and which car would you like to own? I drive a Corsa. I’d maybe like to have an Audi, very smooth cars. As long as it gets you to your destination though.

Which movie have you seen more than any other? I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I’ve probably seen one of them more than any other.

You get to sink a few beers with anyone – who and why? I don’t really drink at all, not my thing. It would be with someone funny though.


You can make one rule change in snooker – what would it be? I don’t have a clue, I don’t think there’s any rules that need to be changed that I can think of. Although, the one when O’Sullivan touched the red with his cue against Higgins springs to mind.                                                                      

Who’s the biggest nightmare to share a room with at tournaments? Ah, I’m not going to make that known to keep my reputation. Haha 

What’s the best wind up you’ve seen or heard on the snooker tour? I’ve heard a lot of wind ups, but I’ve got a memory like a goldfish. I remember a guy playing for the England national team at Pontins and opening his case and pulling out a broomstick, his mates had nicked his cue. Haha

The best and worst aspect of being a snooker pro? The best aspect is the fact we’re playing a sport as a job. It’s the best job I can think of. The worse aspect is simply the time & cost it takes to get to tournaments.

You can play one match at any snooker, or non-snooker venue in the world – where and why? Maybe at one of the major PDC darts tournaments to see how the players can actually concentrate on what they’re doing.

Which tournament do you most enjoy playing in / being at? The Paul Hunter Classic in Fürth, Germany. I think most players will agree with me on that one.
And finally – name your all time top 5 snooker players (in order)? 1 – O’Sullivan, 2 – Higgins, 3 – Hendry, 4 – Davis, 5 – M. Williams


My thanks to Scott for his time. Top man.


4 thoughts on “Total Clearance…..with Scott Donaldson

  1. JIMO96 says:

    Seems a likeable lad, Scott. Played superbly in Germany last month against Selby & Gould, hopefully he’s getting back to his form of a couple of seasons ago….back then the ranking system did him no favours as he earned nearly £50K but finished marginally outside the 64, and had to restart the following season on zero.

    And as luck would have it, he’s now coming out the hat in the first round with the big names, so it’s an uphill battle for him. Hopefully a good breakthrough run for him is round the corner.


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