Total Clearance…..with Michael Holt

22 questions – 15 on life, 6 on snooker, and one for the cue ball! 

Any unusual interests or hobbies away from snooker? Got to admit Im really normal!! My biggest interest is health and fitness. I suppose trying to squat as heavy a weight as possible could be seen as strange to some?

You’re the Invisible Man for a day. Where would you go / what would you do? Go to the white house and listen to private conversations Barack Obama has with other world leaders.  

You can be a pro for a season at any other sport. Which one, and why? I love football but it would have to be a top tennis or golfer. You basically go around the world following the sun. Perfect!

Which personal possession would you hate to lose? A snoopy teddy my dad brought to the hospital when I was born.

What are your three biggest pet hates? False, insincere people. People who abuse their bodies. People who don’t support their local football team i.e. Man Utd fans from London or Liverpool fans from Derby!! (Munraj Pal)

You can travel back or forward in time for a day – when and why? I would travel back and speak to my 14 year old self and tell me 3 things – 1. Read the poem “if” by Rudyard Kipling. 2. To trust myself and my insticts and that I am more capable than I think. 3. The numbers for the euro millions!!

Stadium concert or intimate gig? – and who would it be? Intimate gig. Stone Roses would headline, The Beatles and The Smiths. Best gig ever!!!

You’re allowed three songs on a long haul flight – which ones? How soon is now. The Smiths – I am the resurrection. Stone Roses.The Beatles – In my life.

What would be your perfect 24 hours with unlimited travel, and with whom? Wake up early in Bora Bora and have breakfast in our chalet on stilts in the sea. Breakfast would include porridge (complex carbs)..poached eggs (quality protein)…finished off with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (naughtiness)  Wow!! Go for a gym session at muscle beach in L.A. Spend the rest of the day on the beach in Thailand eating Thai food. Go for dinner in Rome. Finish the day off clubbing in Ibiza at Space nightclub.All with the my girlfriend. Good day to be fair.

Where would be your ideal holiday destination? Depends what kind of holiday it was going to be? I can’t pick one. I love travelling and seeing new places. Been Ibiza many times, love it. Love Thailand, going again after xmas. Never been to Italy so looking forward to going one day.

You can have dinner with any four people in history – who and why? Jesus…..I’m not convinced he’s the son of God but would like to ask how he convinced everyone he was!!! Scarlett Johansson….because she’s beautiful. Albert Einstein…got to meet big Al!! Henry 8th… pick his brains and see what he was really like.

Your three favourite tv programmes? Most cooking programs, love Rick Stein. Question Time. Match of the day…….obviously!

What car do you drive? – and which car would you like to own? VW golf. Not really a car person, if I won the lottery I’d be content with a range rover and a vintage VW camper van.

Which movie have you seen more than any other? Got to be the Rocky films, the first four are brilliant. 

You get to sink a few beers with anyone – who and why? Got to be Ozzy Osbourne! That would be a mad one!!!

You can make one rule change in snooker – what would it be? If I’m honest I don’t think anything needs to be changed. Maybe stop slow play? 

Who’s the biggest nightmare to share a room with at tournaments? Neil Robertson once stayed up till 3am playing computer games! He was sat there with his head set on talking to a screen whilst I try to get to sleep!!! Scary!!

What’s the best wind up you’ve seen or heard on the snooker tour? Tough one. My manager Dave told me that once Steve James was playing golf on a course where the 18th was over water. He was told he’d need his passport to get to the green so brought it along to the first tee. Brilliant!!

The best and worst aspect of being a snooker pro? The best part of being a snooker player is that Im doing something Ive dreamed of since I was a boy. Its not easy at times but I am truly blessed. The worst is the ups and downs you go through as a professional sportsman. The rollercoaster of emotions can be awful.

You can play one match at any snooker, or non-snooker venue in the world – where and why? Got to be somewhere in Vegas? MGM grand or Caesar’s palace?

Which tournament do you most enjoy playing in / being at? Got to be the World Championship. I probably shouldn’t feel like that because my record is terrible but The Crucible is such a special place to play. 

And finally – name your all time top 5 snooker players (in order)?
My 5 are my 5 all time greats, not who’s played the best standard of snooker. 

1. Steve Davis 2. Stephen Hendry 3. John Higgins 4. Jimmy White 5. Paul Hunter 


My thanks to Michael for his time. Good lad.


One thought on “Total Clearance…..with Michael Holt

  1. Ray Morgan says:

    Really enjoying the TCs to date. I can’t wait for the TC with Willo – I bet he was over the moon that Holty didn’t include him in his top 5 players of all time seeing as they have a big bromance going!
    Would you consider expanding the questions in future to include what would a week’s practice entail for each player i.e. amounts of set practice / solo practice / matches against other players. I think this would be of interest to lots of snooker fans and up and coming players.
    Keep up the good work.


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